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  1. Brunswick-Lüneburg: Matilda of Brandenburg 1228 ten children: Grandson of Henry the Lion, founded the Duchy and was recognised as such in 1235, by Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor: Albert I the Tall: 1236 1252-1269 15 August 1279 Brunswick-Lüneburg Elisabeth of Brabant 1254 no children Alexia of Montferrat 1263 seven children

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  3. Secondo la lista ufficiale, fino ad oggi sulla Norvegia avrebbero regnato 64 monarchi.La numerazione che segue non fa però riferimento a tale lista: vengono infatti enumerati i re di Danimarca Aroldo I e Sweyn I e il re bambino Guttorm Sigurdsson (rispettivamente come 5º, 7º e 29º sovrano), mentre sono esclusi dalla numerazione (ma non dalla lista) gli Jarl (conti) di Lade, Haakon ...

  4. From 1727 to 1750 Prince Adolf Frederick was the prince-bishop of Lübeck.This meant he ruled a fief around and including Eutin.After his first cousin, Charles Frederick, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, died in 1739, Adolf Frederick became the administrator of Holstein-Kiel during the minority of the duke's orphan son, Charles Peter Ulrich.

  5. Christian VI (30 November 1699 – 6 August 1746) was King of Denmark and Norway from 1730 to 1746. The eldest surviving son of Frederick IV and Louise of Mecklenburg-Güstrow, he is considered one of Denmark-Norway's more anonymous kings, but he was a skilled politician, best known for his authoritarian regime.

  6. Berengaria of Portugal (Portuguese: Berengária, Danish: Bengjerd; c. 1198 – 27 March 1221) was a Portuguese infanta (princess) and Queen of Denmark, by marriage to King Valdemar II.

  7. This list of Danish consorts includes each queen consort (wife of a reigning king) and each prince consort (husband of a reigning queen). Due to unions (personal and real), the queens of 1380–1814 (effectively from 1406) were also queens of Norway, and the queens of 1389–1521 (effectively from 1406) were also (though with interruptions) queens of Sweden