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  1. 1 giorno fa · Second regency of Sten Sture the Elder (12 November 1501 – 14 December 1503) Regency of Svante Nilsson (21 January 1504 – 31 December 1511/2 January 1512) Regency of Eric Trolle (January – 23 July 1512) Regency of Sten Sture the Younger (23 July 1512 – 3 February 1520) Christian II. "the Tyrant". Kristian II.

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    1 giorno fa · She settled on Eric of Pomerania, grandson of her sister. Thus at an all-Scandinavian meeting held at Kalmar, Erik of Pomerania was crowned king of all three Scandinavian countries, bringing the thrones of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden under the control of Queen Margaret when the country entered into the Kalmar Union. Early modern period

  3. 1 giorno fa · Eric VII of Pomerania 1381–1459 King of Denmark: King Henry VI 1421–1471 r. 1422–1461 r. 1470–1471: Margaret of Anjou 1430–1482 Queen of England: Thomas Beaufort c. 1377 –1426 Duke of Exeter: Margaret Neville of Horneby: Ralph Neville c. 1364 –1425 1st Earl of Westmorland: Joan Beaufort Countess of Westmorland c. 1379 –1440 ...

  4. 1 giorno fa · Most of West Prussia and Posen, a part of Upper Silesia, parts of the districts of Bütow, Lauenburg and Stolp in Pomerania, Soldau in East Prussia: Poland: Silesian, Pomeranian and Greater Poland Voivodeships, the towns of Bytów, Lębork, Słupsk and Działdowo (the German population was deported following WWII)