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  1. Ernst von Mansfeld. Peter Ernst conte di Mansfeld (in tedesco Graf von Mansfeld; 1580 – Racovița, 29 novembre 1626) è stato un militare tedesco. Fu un importante comandante delle truppe protestanti durante la fase boema della Guerra dei trent'anni.

  2. Peter Ernst, Graf von Mansfeld (German: Peter Ernst Graf von Mansfeld; c. 1580 – 29 November 1626), or simply Ernst von Mansfeld, was a German military commander; despite being a Catholic, he fought for the Protestants during the early years of the Thirty Years' War.

    • 1595–1626
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  3. 25 mar 2024 · Ernst, count von Mansfeld (born 1580, Luxembourg—died Nov. 29, 1626, Rakovica, near Sarajevo, Bosnia) was a Roman Catholic mercenary who fought for the Protestant cause during the Thirty Years’ War (1618–48); he was the Catholic League’s most dangerous opponent until his death in 1626.

  4. Graf Peter Ernst II. von Mansfeld, meist einfach Ernst von Mansfeld genannt (* 1580 in Luxemburg; † 29. November 1626 in Rakovica bei Sarajevo ), war ein bedeutender Söldner - und Heerführer in den Anfangsjahren des Dreißigjährigen Krieges .

  5. 27 apr 2023 · Ernst von Mansfeld. Biography. Count Ernst von Mansfeld (1580-1626), a German military commander, was the most famous mercenary leader of the early period of the Thirty Years’ War. In Mansfeld’s case the lack of an inheritance likewise led him into a career as a soldier of fortune, and although he was brought up a Catholic and ...

  6. Ernst von Mansfeld (c. 1580 – 1626), natural son of Peter Ernst I, military commander of the Protestant Union during the early years of the Thirty Years' War; Philipp von Mansfeld (1589–1657), second-cousin of Ernst, commanded at first Swedish troops during the Thirty Years' War, from 1633 as Field Marshal of the Holy Roman Empire.

  7. modifier. Peter Ernst II von Mansfeld (souvent abrégé en Ernst von Mansfeld) fut un des plus célèbres hommes de guerre actifs au début de la guerre de Trente Ans . Il naquit vers 1580 et mourut le 29 novembre 1626 à Rakowitza, village de Bosnie .