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  1. 2 giorni fa · Fantastic Four Incorporated, also known as Fantastic Enterprises, is a fictional organization appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. It was founded by Reed Richards to license use of Richard's patents and funded the Fantastic Four's operation and their source of income.

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    5 giorni fa · In a Fantastic Four comic published in 2005, Ben learns that he is entitled to a large sum of money, his share of the Fantastic Four fortune, which Reed Richards had never touched, as he had the shares of the other teammates (who were family members) to pay off various debts of the group.

  3. 2 giorni fa · Created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist-coplotter Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in Fantastic Four #52 (July 1966) in the Silver Age of Comic Books. Black Panther's real name is T'Challa, and he is depicted as the king and protector of the fictional African nation of Wakanda.

  4. 2 giorni fa · Fantastic Four (styled as FANT4STIC) is a 2015 superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name, and is a reboot of the Fantastic Four film franchise. Directed by Josh Trank , who co-wrote the screenplay with Jeremy Slater and Simon Kinberg , it stars Miles Teller , Michael B. Jordan , Kate Mara , Jamie Bell ...

  5. 25 feb 2023 · Ongoing series that marks the fantastic return of the Fantastic Four, after more then 3 years of not being published! It is continued from the Fantastic Four Volume 5 series and the events...

  6. 13 mar 2023 · Black Panther was created to address a serious lack of major Black American comic book superheroes, an issue that was particularly noticeable given the backdrop of racial tension and civil rights activism in the United States. Black Panther made his print debut in Fantastic Four no. 52 (July 1966).