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  1. 2 apr 2024 · chewie. The video player for Flutter with a heart of gold. The video_player plugin provides low-level access to video playback. Chewie uses the video_player under the hood and wraps it in a friendly Material or Cupertino UI!

    • Changelog

      🛠️ #814: Refactor VideoPlayerController initialization to...

    • Example

      Example - chewie | Flutter package - Pub

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      Versions - chewie | Flutter package - Pub

    • License

      License - chewie | Flutter package - Pub

    • Video Player

      Video Player plugin for Flutter. A Flutter plugin for iOS,...

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      The official Flutter state management documentation, which...

  2. 28 mar 2024 · First of all, you need to add the fl_chart in your project. In order to do that, follow this guide. Then you need to read the docs. Start from here. We suggest you to check samples source code. - You can read about the animation handling here.

  3. 16 mar 2024 · FlutterFilm. A new Flutter project. Getting Started. FlutterFlow projects are built to run on the Flutter stable release. A FlutterFlow template for a film database app using TMDB API. - henrroga/flutterfilm.

  4. 27 mar 2024 · 50 film da guardare su Netflix Lista aggiornata ad aprile 2024. La nostra selezione di film da vedere aggiornata ad aprile 2024. Le novità e i titoli da recuperare. "Il fabbricante di lacrime".

  5. 2 apr 2024 · Top Flutter List packages. Last updated: April 2, 2024. The ListView widget in Flutter is used to display data in a scrollable list. Using the below mentioned Flutter packages we can add more features and create Lists with Slideable, Swipeable or Reorderable items. We can also create specialized lists such as Sliver List, Grouped List and ...

  6. 28 mar 2024 · fill. property. The fill for drawing the icon. Requires the underlying icon font to support the FILL FontVariation axis, otherwise has no effect. Variable font filenames often indicate the supported axes. Must be between 0.0 (unfilled) and 1.0 (filled), inclusive. Can be used to convey a state transition for animation or interaction.