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  1. 9 set 2003 · Fortunes of War: Directed by Thierry Notz. With Matt Salinger, Sam Sorbo, Haing S. Ngor, Martin Sheen. When Canadian diplomat Carl Pimmler sends his friend Peter Kernan and his wife Johanna deep into the jungles of Cambodia to deliver a truck load of medicine, he fails to tell him about true nature of his business.

  2. 12 feb 2024 · Movies. This article is more than 1 month old. Review. Fortunes of War review – up-and-at-em spirit in tale of Brits on the run from the Wehrmacht. A bit of directorial zest, a serviceable...

  3. Fortunes of War: With Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, Charles Kay, Mark Drewry. A British couple living in Romania try to survive as Europe is engulfed in World War II.

  4. Buy on Amazon. More Info on IMDb. Fortunes of War in US theaters February 13, 2024 starring Sophie Craig, James Oliver Wheatley, Asan N'Jie, Bob Cryer. When a raid in Normandy goes wrong, a British commando team find themselves holed up in a barn, cut off from their comrades and encircled by.

  5. 13 feb 2024 · War. A small team of British commandos are cut off from their comrades following a raid in Normandy. Director. Bill Thomas. Writers. Bill Thomas. Ian Thomas. Stars. Sophie Craig. James Oliver Wheatley. Asan N'Jie. See production info at IMDbPro. STREAMING. RENT/BUY. from $3.99. Add to Watchlist. 1 User review. 3 Critic reviews. Awards.

  6. Prime Video: Fortunes Of War. This title may not be available to watch from your location. Go to to see the video catalog in United States. Fortunes Of War. Season 1. Guy Pringle and his new wife, Harriet, are members of the English community in Bucharest, Rumania on the eve of World War II.

  7. Fortunes of War is a 1994 Direct-to-video action film filmed in the Philippines directed by Thierry Notz that was produced by as well as starring Matt Salinger. Plot [ edit ] Freelance international humanitarian aid worker Peter Kernan quits his work in Thailand in disgust due to the political machinations that he feels is not ...