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  1. John Fredrik Reinfeldt è un economista, docente, scrittore ed ex politico svedese, leader del Partito Moderato dall'ottobre 2003 al gennaio 2015 e ministro di Stato della Svezia dal 6 ottobre 2006 al 3 ottobre 2014. Dopo le elezioni legislative del 2006, Reinfeldt è stato eletto Primo ministro il 6 ottobre. Insieme agli altri tre partiti politici di centro-destra dell'Alleanza per la Svezia, Reinfeldt ha presieduto un governo di coalizione con il sostegno di una risicata ...

  2. John Fredrik Reinfeldt, född 4 augusti 1965 i Österhaninge i Stockholms län, är en svensk civilekonom, föreläsare, författare och före detta politiker. Han var partiledare för Moderaterna från 2003 till 2015 och Sveriges statsminister mellan åren 2006 och 2014. Som partiledare lanserade Reinfeldt programmet De nya Moderaterna 2005 och var en av de drivande i formandet av det borgerliga samarbetet Allians för Sverige 2004. Näst efter E.G. Boström under 1890-talet är ...

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    Fredrik Reinfeldt holds international lectures on governance, leadership and political reforms. Having been a member of the European Council for 8 years and its President for six months, he has an extensive international network. In February 2016 Mr Reinfeldt was elected as chair to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

  4. Fredrik Reinfeldt, (born August 4, 1965, Stockholm, Sweden), Swedish politician who was the longest-serving conservative prime minister in the history of Sweden (2006–14). Though born in Stockholm, Reinfeldt spent part of his early childhood in London, where his father worked as a consultant for Shell Oil Company.

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    Reinfeldt was born in 1965 in Allmänna BB hospital in Stockholm, the eldest of three brothers to his parents Bruno (1938–2016) and Birgitta Reinfeldt. At the time of his birth his parents lived in an apartment in Österhaninge, in the south of Stockholm County, but a short time afterwards the family moved to London, where his father worked as a cons...

    Reinfeldt joined the Moderate Youth League—the youth wing of the Swedish Moderate Party—in 1983 at the age of 18. As a member of the Moderate Youth League in Täby, he challenged the leaders of the local league, who preferred to use the premises as a place to drink beer and wine rather than engage in discussions about politics. Reinfeldt, who is sai...

    Reinfeldt became the Prime Minister of Sweden on 6 October 2006, serving concurrently as Leader of the Moderate Party. The 41-year old Reinfeldt became the youngest person to become Prime Minister since Rickard Sandler became Prime Minister at the age of 40 in 1925. With victories in 2006 and in 2010, Reinfeldt was the Moderate Party's longest-serv...

    After defeat in 2014, Reinfeldt announced he would step down as both Prime Minister of Sweden and as party leader of the Moderate Party. He stepped down from the office of Prime Minister on 3 October 2014, being succeeded by Stefan Löfven. He resigned from the Riksdag on 31 December 2014 and stepped down as party leader on 10 January 2015, being su...

    Reinfeldt has been called a "Swedish David Cameron," insofar as he succeeded in shifting the public perception of the Moderate Party from a clear right-wing position to a more centrist one. On the other hand, he is thought to have influenced Cameron, since Reinfeldt was elected party leader in 2003—two years before Cameron took control of the Briti...

    Reinfeldt has been criticized for supposedly anti-Swedish commentary such as "The native Swedish culture is only barbaric" which referred to the positive effect the inflow of people and influences had on the development of Sweden. Reinfeldt was also criticized for his book "Det sovande folket" ("The sleeping nation"), of which he initially denied a...

    In 1992, Fredrik Reinfeldt married Filippa Holmberg, a Stockholm County municipal politician for the Moderate Party. During Fredrik's tenure as prime minister, Filippa Reinfeldt was County Councillor for healthcare issues (Swedish: sjukvårdslandstingsråd) in Stockholm. After being elected Prime Minister in 2006, Reinfeldt moved into the prime minis...

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    Fredrik Reinfeldt at the Government Offices of Sweden
    Fredrik Reinfeldt at the Parliament of Sweden (in Swedish)
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  5. Fredrik Reinfeldt var Sveriges statsminister 2006-2014 och partiledare för Moderaterna 2003-2015. Under hans ledning skapades de Nya Moderaterna och det borgerliga samarbetet i Alliansen. Alliansregeringen reformerade den svenska ekonomin och införde ett tydligt jobbfokus – arbetslinjen.

  6. John Fredrik Reinfeldt (* 4. August 1965 in Österhaninge, Stockholms län) ist ein ehemaliger schwedischer Politiker. Er war von Oktober 2003 bis Januar 2015 Vorsitzender der liberal-konservativen Moderaten Sammlungspartei (M) und war von Oktober 2006 bis Oktober 2014 Ministerpräsident von Schweden . Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Werdegang