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  1. Among Gertrude's brothers, it wasn't Otto, the Duke of Merania, but Berchtold, the Archbishop of Kalocs, who lived with her in Hungary and counseled her. Some sources written well after the events accuse him of seducing or raping Melinda, but such accusations could not be written about a priest in 1820, when the play was first published.

  2. Elizabeth was the daughter of King Andrew II of Hungary and Gertrude of Merania. Her mother's sister was Hedwig of Andechs , wife of Duke Heinrich I of Silesia . [6] Her ancestry included many notable figures of European royalty, going back as far as Vladimir the Great of the Kievan Rus' .

  3. Shortly after the death of her uncle, Gertrude first married her fiancé Vladislaus of Moravia, who nevertheless died in the next year, then Margrave Herman VI of Baden, who did not manage to maintain his position in Austria, and finally in 1252 Prince Roman Danylovich, a younger brother of Knyaz Lev I Rurik, son-in-law of the Hungarian king, who also ended in divorce in 1253.

  4. 17/11/2022 · Santa Elisabetta d'Ungheria è celebrata come ogni anno il 17 novembre anche nel 2022. Tutto quello che c'è da sapere sulla sua vita.

  5. Other units include the schoenus (from the Greek for "rush rope") used for the distances in Isidore of Charax's Parthian Stations (where it had a value around 5 km or 3 miles) and in the name of the Nubian land of Triacontaschoenus between the First and Second Cataracts on the Nile (where it had a value closer to 10.5 km or 6 + 1 ⁄ 2 miles).

  6. Giovanni di Gravina, o Giovanni d'Angiò o anche Giovanni di Durazzo (1294 – 5 aprile 1336), fu conte di Gravina e di Albe dal 1315 e duca di Durazzo dal 1332, fino alla morte, principe di Acaia dal 1318 al 1333 e signore del Regno d'Albania.

  7. St. Elizabeth of Hungary, also known as St. Elizabeth of Thuringia, was born in Hungary on July 7, 1207 to the Hungarian King Andrew II and Gertrude of Merania. As soon as her life began, she had responsibilities from being a royal pressed upon her. While Elizabeth was very young, her father ...