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  1. 1 mag 2024 · John Hancock, American statesman who was a leading figure in the Revolutionary War and the first signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. He hoped to become commander in chief of the Continental Army, but George Washington was selected instead. Hancock served as the governor of Massachusetts.

  2. 12 mag 2024 · Listen to the latest episodes of Tony Hancock 100 on BBC Sounds.

  3. 15 mag 2024 · Herbie Hancock (born April 12, 1940, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.) is an American keyboard player, songwriter, and bandleader. He is a prolific recording artist who achieved success as an incisive, harmonically provocative jazz pianist and then went on to gain wide popularity as a leader of electric jazz-rock groups.

  4. 19 mag 2024 · Discover 42 fascinating facts about the blockbuster movie Hancock, starring Will Smith, as a superpowered, alcoholic antihero with an unpredictable nature.

  5. 5 giorni fa · Known as a jazz innovator, Hancock was one of the first jazz musicians to integrate synthesizers and funk elements in his compositions and is continues to experiment with various styles and genres to this day. We celebrate his legacy with a top 10 list of his best albums.

  6. 14 mag 2024 · Get to know the talented actors and actresses who brought the characters to life in Hancock. From Will Smith's portrayal of John Hancock to Charlize Theron's role as Mary Embrey, the cast is packed with skilled performers. The most popular cast member today is Will Smith, John Hancock.

  7. 12 mag 2024 · This iteration of Tony Hancock 's comic persona is a man without purpose, on a quest to enjoy his little life and to find someone to feel insignificant with. Eventually he does find just the woman, she's called Charlotte, and, in an attempt to impress her, he lies about his job, pretending to be an architect.

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