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  1. By Felicity Menzies, Principal Consultant and CEO of Include-Empower.Com Initiatives such as A Taste of Harmony and Harmony Day, held each year in March, provide us with a unique opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity of our nation, and most commonly, our workplaces. Australia is the world’s second most multicultural nation, tied ...

  2. Prior to joining Harmony Gary was a Commercial Engineer with Northern Powergrid where he worked with developers on new connections throughout Yorkshire and the North East England. He is an electrical engineer having spent his early career specialising in military avionic systems in locations around the world, before moving into the energy sector.

  3. Project Harmony Training Institute. We provide over 400 trainings each year for educators, child welfare, medical, law enforcement, and mental health professionals as well as the larger community. Our goal is to deliver trainings on topics that build knowledge, effectiveness, and skill in professionals working with children and families.

  4. We are looking for talented and dedicated teachers to join Harmony Public Schools. If you know someone who would be a great fit for our organization, you could earn $350.— for referring him or her. Please read the steps carefully to learn more about our eligibility criteria, nomination window, and stipend payment.

  5. Craig Schaefer’s books have taken readers to the seamy edge of a criminal underworld drenched in shadow through the Daniel Faust series; to a world torn by war, poison, and witchcraft by way of the Revanche Cycle series; and across a modern America mired in occult mysteries and a conspiracy of lies in the new Harmony Black series.

  6. 18/03/2022 · But an important contribution will come from improvements in the science of happiness. In this tenth anniversary issue, we celebrate three major promising developments in our ability to measure and explain happiness. The first is our new ability to measure the happiness content of printed text, be it in books or social media.

  7. 12/10/2021 · “Every nation all over the world is like many boats on one river of life… And we've only got one word: Ubuntu…” Ubuntu is a South African word that describes the virtue of humanity and compassion. It is a powerful term to describe how we are all connected to each other and how the whole world is a community. 17.