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  1. heartbeat n: countable (heart: single pulse) pulsazione nf : Just when I thought he was dead I felt a heartbeat. Proprio quando pensavo che fosse morto sentii una pulsazione. heartbeat n: figurative (driving force) centro vitale nm : For twenty years, he was the heartbeat of this small community. Per vent'anni è stato il centro vitale di ...

  2. Heartbeat is a British police procedural period drama series, based upon the Constable series of novels written by Nicholas Rhea, and produced by Yorkshire Television until it was merged by ITV, then by ITV Studios from 1992 until 2010.

  3. the regular movement or sound that the heart makes as it sends blood around your body: a steady heartbeat. the heartbeat of something [ S ] the person or thing that is most important in forming the character of a place, organization, etc. and giving it energy: Keane was the heartbeat of the team. Vedi di più.

  4. Amazon ha svelato che arriverà su Prime Video la nuova serie coreana HeartBeat, con protagonista Ok Taec-yeon. Il progetto è prodotto dall’emittente coreana KBS e debutterà in oltre 240 ...

  5. Heartbeat: With William Simons, Derek Fowlds, Tricia Penrose, Mark Jordon. The 1960s lives and adventures of the police constabulary, medical staff, and residents of Ashfordly and Aidensfield.

  6. Heartbeat - all episodes (working on adding them all - found from YouTube only 18 series 372 episodes in total) *There appears to be a number of videos that ...

  7. Heartbeat è una serie televisiva statunitense trasmessa nel 2016 dalla National Broadcasting Company ( NBC ). Si tratta di un Medical drama, basato sulla autobiografia della dottoressa Kathy Magliato, Heart Matters: Memoir of a Female Heart Surgeon.

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