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  1. 1 gen 2023 · Henry III, byname Henry the Sufferer, Spanish Enrique el Doliente, (born October 4, 1379, Burgos, Castile [Spain]—died 1406, Toledo), king of Castile from 1390 to 1406. Though unable to take the field because of illness, he jealously preserved royal power through the royal council, the Audiencia (supreme court), and the corregidores (magistrates).

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  2. 3 gen 2023 · Henry III, Yukarı Hessen Toprak Mezarı, "Zenginler" olarak adlandırılan (15 Ekim 1440 - 13 Ocak 1483) ikinci oğluydu Hessenli Louis I ve onun eşi Saksonya Anna. Henry, babası Louis I'in 1458'de ölümü üzerine Yukarı Hesse ve erkek kardeşini kabul etti. Louis II Alınan Aşağı Hesse. 1458'de Hesse-Marburg Landgrave unvanını aldı.

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    1 gen 2023 · This is a list of rulers of Hesse (German: Hessen) during the history of Hesse on west-central Germany. These rulers belonged to a dynasty collectively known as the House of Hesse and the House of Brabant, [1] originally the Reginar. Hesse was ruled as a landgraviate, electorate and later as a grand duchy until 1918.

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    In the early Mid­dle Ages the Hes­sen­gau ter­ri­tory (named after the Ger­manic Chatti tribes) formed the north­ern parts of the Ger­man stem duchy of Fran­co­nia along with the ad­ja­cent Lah­n­gau. Upon the ex­tinc­tion of the ducal Con­radines, these Rhen­ish Fran­con­ian coun­ties were grad­u­ally ac­quired by Land­grave Louis I of Thuringiaan...

    Hesse-Kassel since 1866

    Friedrich Wil­helm I, the for­mer Elec­tor, tit­u­lar Land­grave 1866–75 (1802–1875) 1. succeeded by his second cousin Friedrich Wilhelm II as below:

    The History Files: Rulers of Hesse
    Marek, Miroslav. "Genealogy of the Hessian noble family". Genealogy.EU.
  4. 3 gen 2023 · * Henry III, Duke of Brabant (c. 1230 - 28 February 1261), married Adelaide of Burgundy (c. 1233- 23 October 1273, daughter of Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy, by whom he had issue, including Henry IV, Duke of Brabant, John I, Duke of Brabant, and Maria of Brabant, Queen consort of King Philip III of France. * Philip of Brabant, died young.

  5. 17 gen 2023 · The Upper Chamber consisted of the princes of the Grand Ducal House, the heads of the Standesherr families, the Hereditary Marshal (since 1432, the head of the Riedesel barons of Eisenach), the Catholic bishop responsible for Hesse (i.e. the Bishop of Mainz), a representative of the Protestant Church in Hesse (appointed for life by the Grand Duke), the chancellor of the University of Giessen, and ten Hessian citizens, whom the Grand Duke could grant a seat to, in recognition of ...

  6. 8 gen 2023 · The Holy Roman Emperor Henry III authorised him to succeed his father as duke of Upper Lorraine in 1044, but refused him the ducal title in Lower Lorraine, for he feared the power of a united duchy. Instead Henry threatened to appoint a younger son, Gothelo, as duke in Lower Lorraine.