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  1. Henry John Heinz fue un empresario estadounidense que fundó la H. J. Heinz Company. Fue hijo de los inmigrantes alemanes de Baviera que vinieron independientemente a los Estados Unidos a inicios de los años 1840. Heinz desarrolló su negocio en una compañía nacional que hizo más de 60 productos alimenticios; uno de sus primeros fue el ketchup de tomate, en efecto, fue el inventor de este ...

  2. Grades v on Henry John Heinz. [A 1] [4] 1869 gründete Heinz zusammen m it seinem Freund L. Clarence Noble i n Sharpsburg (Pennsylvania) [5] d ie Heinz Noble & Company , d eren Hauptprodukt Meerrettich i n durchsichtigen Gläsern war, u m die Reinheit d es Produkts z u beweisen. 1875 musste dieses Unternehmen Insolvenz anmelden.

  3. 31 lug 2023 · John Henry moved the family five miles up the Allegheny River to the small town of Sharpsburg to be close to these resources. Like other German families, the Heinz family had a garden of several acres to grow their own vegetables, including cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and horseradish (a German favorite).

  4. Henry John HeinzHenry J. Heinz (1844-1919) went bankrupt due to an overabundance of one very pungent herb, but he came roaring back with his "57 Varieties" of food products and eventually built his new company into a multi-billion dollar corporation.

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    Jack Heinz. Henry John Heinz II (July 10, 1908 – February 23, 1987) was an American business executive and CEO of the H. J. Heinz Company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US. His grandfather Henry J. Heinz founded the company in the nineteenth century, and he worked in a variety of positions within the company before becoming CEO.

  6. Historisches Auslieferungsfahrzeug Heinz-Ketchup. Die Ursprünge des Unternehmens gehen auf die 1869 in Sharpsburg (Pennsylvania) von Henry John Heinz (Sohn deutscher Auswanderer aus Kallstadt) gegründete Heinz, Noble & Company zurück. Das „Heinz Tomato Ketchup“, das bekannteste Produkt des Unternehmens, wurde 1876 erfunden.

  7. 5 lug 2018 · It’s December 1875. Thirty-one-year-old Henry John “HJ” Heinz is bedridden the entire month with deep depression. On some days, he cannot even get out of bed. His world has collapsed around him. For the last six years, he and his friends and financial backers, the Noble Brothers, have built their Heinz, Noble, and Company into one of the ...