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  1. 4 giorni fa · L‘attore commenta la nuova serie sulla sua vita, «Supersex», in onda dal 6 marzo su Netflix: «L'ho vista con mia moglie Rozsa e i miei figli, che non credevano venissi da una realtà così ...

  2. 5 giorni fa · Tutti i film hard anno 4391 del 4391: 0 schede con recensione, trama, poster e trailer.

  3. The death of Sunrise hit me harder than anyone other than coltaine. Here's a guy who was improving his life, only to have it all taken away by the actions of someone who is portrayed as almost divinely good and selfless. So he hits rock bottom, loses everything, joins the army to die because nothing matters to him.

  4. this scene hit so hard Anime Sort by: darryledw OP • 6 min. ago • Edited 1 min. ago Everything about this scene was incredible, the music, the emotion of Lena probably realising she is more alone than ever, the sense of hope from the 86, and the final symbolism of freedom.

  5. 5 giorni fa · 🎥 The 100 greatest movies ever made 🔥 The best movies of 2023 Best new movies of 2024 Photograph: A24 1. The Zone of Interest Film Drama A great artist can offer a radical new perspective on a...

  6. 5 giorni fa · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...

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    1 giorno fa · Plot In 480 B.C., one year after the Battle of Thermopylae, Dilios, a hoplite in the Spartan army, begins his story of Leonidas I from childhood to kingship via Spartan doctrine. Years after Leonidas is crowned, a Persian herald arrives at Sparta demanding that he present an offering of "earth and water" as a token of submission to King Xerxes.