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  1. The Hollywood Professional School (HPS) was established in 1921 by pianist Gladys T. Littell under the name the Hollywood Conservatory of Music and Arts (HCMA). The HCMA taught both children in a pre-professional program and young adults on a pre-professional conservatory track of development.

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  3. Getting there: Hollywood Professional School was formerly located at the the SW corner of Hollywood Blvd and Serrano Street , east of Vine Street. Unfortunately, the school is gone; that address is just an empty parking lot today, in what is now a rather rundown part of town.

  4. Hollywood Professional School. Mi piace: 238. Hollywood Professional School was a private school in Hollywood, California, United States, for chi

  5. This was a high school for kids in show business and was also known as the “Hollywood Conservatory of Music and Art“. Many famous actors and musicians and their children attended this old school since it opened its doors in 1925 and closed in 1984.

  6. 23 lug 2023 · Io mi iscrissi alla Hollywood Professional School per aspiranti attrici e intanto vendevo pollo fritto, scarpe, qualsiasi cosa. Così, cominciarono i piccoli ruoli, il primo in Fammi posto tesoro,...

  7. Hollywood Professional School was a private school in Hollywood, California. Initially established as a music conservatory by pianist Gladys T. Littell in 1921 under the name Hollywood Conservatory of Music and Arts , [1] the school quickly expanded its offerings into theater and dance as well as music.