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  1. Latin studies, Imperial Alexander University, 1895-99. Poet, author, translator Reporter, Nykyaika periodical, 1898-1899 Cultural sub-editor, Päivälehti newspaper, 1899-1904 Theatre Critic and columnist, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, 1904-1914 Editor-in-chief, Sunnuntai newspaper, 1915-1918. Honours and memorials

  2. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, find out about the man, his work, the involvement of other Imperial College scientists, and ultimately Fleming’s legacy. We all think we know about the petrie dish on the window ledge spawning mould, but there was much more to it than that!

  3. South Kensington is our main campus and it is here that most undergraduate and postgraduate activity takes place. It's a compact site in the heart of 'Albertopolis' and is home to a huge range of architectural styles from the Edwardian Royal School of Mines building to the ultra-modern Norman Foster-designed Business School.

  4. Written by Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta. Translated by Tomi Setälä, revised by Matthew Billington. Emil Nervander, who was from an academic family, came to study Literature and Art History at the Imperial Alexander University, completing his Bachelor’s Degree in 1869. Nervander is said to have been an exceptionally fast and skilled writer.

  5. Axel Olof Fredenthal enrolled at the Imperial Alexander University in 1854 to study Classical Philology and Archaeology. He graduated with a master’s degree five years later. In spite of his main subject, he was increasingly drawn to the study of the Swedish language and the Swedish-speaking population of Finland.

  6. 20 giu 2015 · Zacharias Topelius. Born January 14, 1818, Uusikaarlepyy. Died March 12, 1898, Sipoo. MA 1840, licentiate 1844, PhD 1847 from the Imperial Alexander University in Finland. Rector 1875–1878, Imperial Alexander University. Professor extraordinary of Finnish History 1854–1863 and Professor of Finnish, Russian and Nordic History 1863–1875 at ...

  7. Edvard Alexander Westermarck Born November 20, 1862, Helsinki. Died September 3, 1939 Tenhola. Master of Philosophy, 1886, Licentiate of Philosophy, 1889, Doctor of Philosophy, 1890, Imperial Alexander University. Professor of Philosophy 1918–1932, Rector, 1918–1921, Åbo Akademi