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  1. Nezvládla zkoušky, a tak v roce 1977 opustila West Heath a navštěvovala institut Alpin Videmanette, což byla soukromá dívčí škola v Rougemont ve Švýcarsku. Nikdy nevynikala v učení, ale ve West Heath v Kentu v roce 1977 byla odměněna speciální cenou za svojí práci (službu).

  2. Institut Alpin Videmanette in Rougemont was attended by Diana, Princess of Wales, Tiggy Legge-Bourke and Tamara Mellon. Diana was sent to Alpin Videmanette by her father after failing all her O-Levels. She had met the Prince of Wales that year. Mon Fertile, in Tolochenaz, educated Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Ingrid Detter de Lupis Frankopan.

  3. 03/06/2021 · After attending finishing school at Institut Alpin Videmanette in Switzerland, she moved to London. She began working with children, eventually becoming an assistant at Young England Kindergarten.

  4. 25/07/2022 · She completed her education at the Institut Alpin Videmanette in Switzerland, where Princess Diana also attended. Legge-Bourke then set up her own nursery school in London called Mrs Tiggywinkle’s.

  5. Galler Prensesi Diana (d. Diana Frances Spencer; 1 Temmuz 1961 - 31 Ağustos 1997), Britanya kraliyet ailesinin bir üyesi, Kral III. Charles'ın ilk karısı ve Birleşik Krallık tahtının kesin veliahtı Galler Prensi Prens William ile Sussex dükü Prens Harry'nin annesidir.

  6. Aveva anche un grande amore per i bambini. Infatti, dopo aver frequentato l'Institut Alpin Videmanette, una scuola di perfezionamento situata in Svizzera, la giovane si trasferì a Londra e incominciò a lavorare come bambinaia, accettando infine il posto di assistente presso l'asilo nido Young England. Istruzione

  7. 15/11/2020 · Afterwards, she attended Institut Alpin Videmanette, a Swiss finishing school known for its wealthy students (Sarah, her sister, also attended). It was 17-year-old Diana's first time out of the country, or on an airplane. It was around this time that she first met Prince Charles, who was then dating her sister, Sarah.