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  1. 1 giorno fa · Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger, comte de Saint-Exupéry, known simply as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (UK: / ˌ s æ̃ t ɪ ɡ ˈ z uː p ɛr i /, US: /-ɡ z uː p eɪ ˈ r iː /, French: [ɑ̃twan də sɛ̃t‿ɛɡzypeʁi]; 29 June 1900 – c. 31 July 1944), was a French writer, poet, journalist and aviator.

    • Antoine Maries Jean-Baptiste Roger de Saint-Exupéry, 29 June 1900, Lyon, France
  2. 1 giorno fa · The racial make-up of the Dominican Republic includes many Afro-Caribbeans, mestizos, Taíno-descended persons, and whites. At an intermediate level, in South America and in the former plantations in and around the Indian Ocean, descendants of enslaved people are a bit harder to define because many people are mixed in demographic proportion to the original slave population.

    • 1,198,540
    • 50,000 (est. 2009)
    • 1,000,000
    • 3,171,916 (including Mixed native British and African)
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    1 giorno fa · Religiō. In classic antiquity, religiō broadly meant conscientiousness, sense of right, moral obligation, or duty to anything. [20] In the ancient and medieval world, the etymological Latin root religiō was understood as an individual virtue of worship in mundane contexts; never as doctrine, practice, or actual source of knowledge.

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