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  1. It's a Wonderful World is a 1956 British musical film directed by Val Guest and starring Terence Morgan, George Cole, Mylène Demongeot (in her first English-language film and listed in the credits as Mylène Nicole) and Kathleen Harrison. It also features Dennis Lotis, a popular singer at the time. It was made at Shepperton Studios.

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  2. It's a Wonderful World: Directed by Val Guest. With Terence Morgan, George Cole, Kathleen Harrison, Mylène Demongeot. Two struggling songwriters have an unexpected hit on their hands after they discover a unique way of composing.

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  3. 5 giorni fa · It's a Wonderful World è un film di fama mondiale con voti alti. L'anno in cui è uscito questo film è stato in 1956 . Come avrai visto, ci sono molte persone coinvolte nella realizzazione di un film e quindi è necessaria una figura per coordinare tutto quel caos e decidere quando nessuno sa esattamente cosa fare.

  4. It's A Wonderful World. 1956 film; Two struggling composers hit on a novel way of producing music - backwards. Stars Terence Morgan, George Cole, Kathleen Harrison, Mylene Nicole, James Hayter and more.

  5. 10 set 2012 · Release Details Duration: 89 mins Cast and crew Director: Val Guest Screenwriter: Val Guest Cast: Terence Morgan George Cole Kathleen Harrison Mylène Demongeot James Hayter Richard Wattis Ted Heath...

  6. A pair of struggling composers (Morgan and Cole) stumble into a gimmick which involves the passing off of tapes played backward as original music by a long-lost composer. Along the way, they encounter an aspiring French chanteuse (Mylene Nicole Demongeot) and provide her with a successful...

  7. JustWatch It’s a Wonderful World 1956 Directed by Val Guest Two aspiring songwriters finally manage to sell a tune by claiming that it was composed by a reclusive musical genius. When the tune hits the top of the charts, they find themselves having to produce the “real” composer. Cast Crew Details Genres Releases