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  1. Ivan VI Romanov, Ioann Antonovič, in lingua russa Иоанн Антонович (San Pietroburgo, 23 agosto 1740 – Šlissel'burg, 16 luglio 1764), è stato imperatore di Russia dal 1740 al 1741.

  2. Ivan VI Antonovich (Russian: Иван VI Антонович; 23 August [O.S. 12 August] 1740 – 16 July [O.S. 5 July] 1764), also known as Ioann Antonovich, was Emperor of Russia from October 1740 until he was overthrown by his cousin Elizabeth Petrovna in December 1741.

  3. Ivan VI was an infant emperor of Russia in 174041. The son of Prince Anton Ulrich of Braunschweig-Bevern-Lüneburg and Anna Leopoldovna, the niece of Empress Anna (reigned in Russia 1730–40), Ivan Antonovich was named heir to the throne by the empress on Oct. 16 (Oct. 27), 1740, and proclaimed.

  4. Figlio (Pietroburgo 1740 - Slissel´burg, od. Petrokrepost´, 1764) di Anna Leopol´dovna e di Anton Ulrich di Brunswick-Lüneburg, e quindi bisnipote di Ivan V, aveva due mesi quando la zarina Anna Ivanovna, alla vigilia della morte, lo proclamò suo erede sotto la reggenza di E. J. Biron.

  5. IVAN VI zar di tutte le Russie. Giorgio Vernadskij. Bisnipote di Ivan V, nato nel 1740 da Anna Leopoldovna (nipote della zarina Anna Ioannovna) e dal principe Antonio Ulrico di Brunswick-Lüneburg. I. aveva solo due mesi, quando la zarina Anna, alla vigilia della morte, firmò il manifesto della sua successione.

  6. 3 giu 2020 · Ivan VI of Russia (Ivan Antonovich) was the youngest Russian tsar in history. He was proclaimed emperor when only two months old, and his 22-year-old mother, Grand Duchess Anna Leopoldovna, took the title of Regent; but, barely one year of Ivan’s reign had passed before Tsarevna Elisabeth Petrovna (the daughter of Peter the Great ...

  7. 23 mag 2018 · ivan vi (1740 – 1764), emperor of Russia , October 28, 1740 to December 6, 1741. Ivan was born in August 1740, the son of Duke Anton-Ulrich of Brunswick and Anna Leopoldovna (1718 – 1746), niece of the childless Empress Anna (reigned 1730 – 1740), who nominated Anna's as yet unborn child as her heir.