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  1. 14 set 2023 · Leonardo DiCaprio in J. Edgar Leonardo DiCaprio also co-produced the film, made on a budget of $200 million, alongside Martin Scorsese. Interestingly, The Wolf of Wall Street actor had previously played J. Edgar Hoover, the long-term director and founding father of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in the 2011 film, J. Edgar.

  2. 1 giorno fa · J. Edgar Hoover has been portrayed by numerous actors in films and stage productions featuring him as FBI Director. The first known portrayal was by Kent Rogers in the 1941 Looney Tunes short " Hollywood Steps Out ".

    • Himself (as Director of the Bureau of Investigation)
  3. 13 set 2023 · Clint Eastwood’s 2011 biopic of the FBI founder J. Edgar Hoover (Leonardo DiCaprio) has a somewhat notorious reputation, but Eastwood’s personal politics (and the film’s unfortunate use of ...

  4. Clint Eastwood, a talented filmmaker who is a Trumper, made a good film about Hoover, J. Edgar (2011), written by openly gay Dustin Lance Black, with Leonardo DiCaprio as Hoover and Armie Hammer as Tolson, contends that Hoover was: … probably good for the country and whether he was homosexual or not makes no difference.

  5. 2 giorni fa · Clint Eastwood is an American film actor, director, producer, and composer. He has appeared in over 60 films. His career has spanned 65 years and began with small uncredited film roles and television appearances. Eastwood has acted in multiple television series, including the eight-season series Rawhide (1959–1965).

  6. 15 set 2023 · Regia: Bille August. Cast: Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Alice Bier Zandén, Jacob Hauberg Lohmann, Sara-Marie Maltha, Emilie Kroyer Koppel, Emil Aron Dolph. Genere: commedia, drammatico, romantico. Durata: 95 minuti. Dove l’abbiamo visto: su Netflix, in lingua originale.

  7. 16 set 2023 · ‘J. Edgar’ is based on the true story. 2011’s J. Edgar is a biographical drama. Eastwood directs a screenplay written by Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. The nonlinear narrative explores the career of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover (DiCaprio). He was the powerful head of the agency for almost 50 years, as Eastwood’s film ...