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  1. Muslims, who do believe Jacob was a great patriarch, stress the belief that Jacob's main importance lay in his great submission to God and his firm faith in the right religion. As a patriarch, Jacob, alongside Abraham, may be the most fruitful according to tradition.

    • Israil (إِسْرَآءِیْل‎)
    • Ishaq
  2. 30 nov 2023 · Jacob is remembered for his great strength of character, his complete submission to the will of God and his firm and unwavering faith. The Quran tells us very little, but there are great lessons to be learned. The Quran first mentions Jacob in reference to Prophet Abraham, his grandfather.

  3. Jacob è molto speciale nell'Islam per portare avanti l'eredità lasciata dai suoi antenati. I musulmani credono che Dio abbia concesso la Sua massima grazia a Giacobbe e lo abbia scelto per essere tra gli uomini più esaltati.

  4. 1 giu 2015 · Prophet Jacob is one of a patriarchal line of prophets sent by God to teach his people to worship One God and to live a righteous life. The Quran teaches that each and every one of the prophets taught the same fundamental message of submission to One God.

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    Jacob ( / ˈdʒeɪkəb /; Hebrew: יַעֲקֹב, Modern: Yaʿaqōv ⓘ, Tiberian: Yaʿăqōḇ; Arabic: يَعْقُوب, romanized : Yaʿqūb; Greek: Ἰακώβ, romanized : Iakṓb ), [1] later given the name Israel, is regarded as a patriarch of the Israelites and is an important figure in Abrahamic religions, such as Judaism ...

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    5 gen 2024 · Jacob, known as Yaqub in Islam, is a prophet whose narrative is intricately woven into the broader fabric of Islamic teachings. His story, as recounted in the Quran, holds significance for Muslims as it underscores themes of familial relationships, divine guidance, and the continuity of prophethood within the Abrahamic tradition.

  7. 6 nov 2023 · Prophet Yaqub is one of the Greatest Prophets in the Islamic history. In English, he is referred to as Jacob. Israel is another name associated with him. His descendants are more commonly known by this name and are referred to as Bani Israel (Children of Israel).