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  1. 'Joseph, son of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham ') is a prophet and messenger of God mentioned in the Quran [1] and corresponds to Joseph, a person from the Hebrew and Christian Bible who was said to have lived in Egypt before the New Kingdom. [2] Of Jacob 's children, Joseph reportedly had the gift of prophecy through dreams.

  2. 2 ago 2023 · This article will briefly discuss four important lessons that may set you on a journey of discovery through the teachings in the story of Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him).

  3. Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) was the beloved son of Prophet Yaqub (Jacob) who also had 11 other sons. Binyamin, who was the youngest, was from the same mother as Yusuf, while the rest were older half-brothers.

  4. Introduction to Joseph's Story. This is the most detailed and fascinating story in the Quran, involving both human weaknesses such as jealousy, hatred, pride, passion, deception, intrigue, cruelty, and terror as well as noble qualities such as patience, loyalty, bravery, nobility, and compassion.

  5. Yusuf ( Arabic: يوسف, romanized : Yūsuf, lit. 'Joseph') is the 12th chapter ( Surah) of the Quran and has 111 Ayahs (verses). [1] It is preceded by sūrah Hud and followed by Ar-Ra’d (The thunder).

  6. Read and listen to Surah Yusuf. The Surah was revealed in Mecca, ordered 12 in the Quran. The Surah title means "Joseph" in English and consists of 11...

  7. Discover the incredible story of Prophet Joseph in the Quran. From betrayal to triumph, his journey showcases unwavering faith and moral excellence.