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  1. › wiki › Alan_AldaAlan Alda - Wikipedia

    1 giorno fa · Alan Alda (/ ˈ ɑː l d ə /; born Alphonso Joseph D'Abruzzo; January 28, 1936) is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and director.A six-time Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award winner and a three-time Tony Award nominee, he is best known for playing Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce in the CBS wartime sitcom M*A*S*H (1972–1983).

  2. 1 giorno fa · A form of a video game controller, most often found on arcade game cabinets, in which the player uses a freely-rotating ball to interact with the game. transmogrification or transmog. Changing the appearance of gear, such as weapons and armor, typically to that of functionally equivalent gear. [145] [146] trash. 1.

  3. 1 giorno fa · Halloween is a 1978 American independent slasher film directed and scored by John Carpenter, co-written with producer Debra Hill, and starring Jamie Lee Curtis (in her film debut) and Donald Pleasence, with P. J. Soles and Nancy Loomis in supporting roles. The plot centers on a mental patient, Michael Myers, who was committed to a sanitarium ...

    • John Carpenter
    • October 25, 1978
    • Debra Hill
  4. 1 giu 2023 · Killing Eve (Season 2) - June 1 The ever-popular Killing Eve's second season will arrive on the first day of the month. One of the best thriller's on TV right, it has been already won an Emmy and ...

  5. › wiki › Kevin_SpaceyKevin Spacey - Wikipedia

    1 giorno fa · Website. kevinspacey .com. Kevin Spacey Fowler (born July 26, 1959) is an American actor. He began his career as a stage actor during the 1980s, obtaining supporting roles before gaining a leading man status in film and television. Spacey has received various accolades for his performances on stage and screen including two Academy Awards, a ...

  6. › wiki › DeathstrokeDeathstroke - Wikipedia

    1 giorno fa · Skilled in military tactics, guerrilla warfare, and espionage. Master assassin. Deathstroke ( Slade Wilson) is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. [2] Created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, the character first appeared in The New Teen Titans #2 (December 1980) as Deathstroke the Terminator .

  7. 1 giorno fa · Desperate Housewives is an American comedy-drama mystery television series created by Marc Cherry and produced by ABC Studios and Cherry Productions. It aired for eight seasons on ABC from October 3, 2004, until May 13, 2012, for a total of 180 episodes. Executive producer Marc Cherry served as showrunner. Other executive producers since the ...

  8. 1 giorno fa · This drives Blundetto into a rage, and he tracks down the Leotardo brothers, wounding Phil and killing Billy. By the end of season 5, Tony Soprano is under heavy pressure to deliver his cousin to Johnny Sack (who has taken over his crime family after Little Carmine's abdication), explicitly so he can be tortured and killed by Phil Leotardo.

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    relativo a: Killing Season film