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  1. 23 ott 2018 · Even those who aren’t really dedicated film shooters would be aware of EKTACHROME’s big brother, Kodachrome. Sadly for a variety of reasons, Kodachrome is as dead as the Dodo, but EKTACHROME is very much here and at the time of writing, has begun hitting stores, both online and bricks and mortar.

  2. Kodachrome is a very dramatic film that fans of the genre will find enjoyment in. It's whether or not you fully connect to any of these characters that will have you loving the overall experience ...

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  3. 30 gen 2021 · Kodachrome was an experiment and my attempt of reviving something of the iconic film stock we lost a while back. Overall I’m posed with them but I feel I achieve better result shooting RAW files then adding some of my own Presets in post to achieve a more accurate representation of the original look of Kodachrome.

  4. 8 nov 2023 · The other film simulations don’t even chart on this list. For those who use Film Simulation Recipes, Classic Chrome is clearly the film sim of choice for most. Not surprisingly, Recipes with Kodak brand names are the most popular. 13 have Kodak in the name, eight have Portra in the name, and five have Kodachrome in the name.

  5. Processing KODACHROME Film Introduction This section contains general information on films, chemicals, processing procedures, and process equipment used in Process K-14M. The methods and procedures described in this manual are presently recommended for processing KODACHROME Film. In some cases, even minor variations in these procedures and ...

  6. 6 lug 2019 · X100F Eterna. Expedition Lodge – Moab, UT – Fujifilm X100F. This was my attempt to create something that resembles the Eterna film simulation for those who have a Fujifilm camera without Eterna. More recently I created an alternative Eterna recipe that I much prefer. #5. X100F Fujicolor Superia 800.

  7. 26 feb 2020 · Kodachrome movie film can be developed as BW negative by the Film Photography Project. Results from developing old Kodachrome as BW may be very poor. Please see video below. A unique color positive film manufactured by Eastman Kodak in all formats (110, 35mm, 120, 620, 4×5, 8×10, Regular 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm) its legend lives on, and many ...

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    relativo a: Kodachrome film
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