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  1. 5 nov 2023 · Het gezin Borghetti verhuist naar een flat in het Rome van de jaren 70. De relaties binnen het gezin zijn gespannen. Clara en Felice zijn niet meer verliefd op elkaar, maar zijn niet in staat om hun eigen weg te bewandelen. Clara weet haar eenzaamheid op te vangen met behulp van haar drie kinderen. Adriana is daarvan de oudste.

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    • PG-13
  2. 29 nov 2023 · L’immensità is a film that handles its deep and sometimes emotionally violent issues with a beautiful delicacy. There are moments of confession, but it also excels in placing emphasis on the things unsaid. And with two powerful lead performances, it is at many moments a very moving picture.

  3. 2 nov 2023 · MQFF33 Film Review: L’immensità ★★★★. It’s almost as if a committee of queer people got together and designed the perfect Penélope Cruz film. Make her a glamorous, chain-smoking mother in the 70s (The hair! The fashion! The bright orange kitchens!) who is fiercely devoted to her trans son.

  4. 15 nov 2023 · L’immensità is the equivalent of a warm cinematic hug. The love story of parents and their children transcends through millennia. The overarching family drama is not anything new, but the core relationship between Clara and Andrea is pure and honest.

  5. 21 nov 2023 · l’immensitÀ (12a) Director: Emanuele Crialese/Italy, France/2023/99mins/ subtitles Set in 1970s Rome, the film tracks the plight of a nuclear family, consisting of an unhappily married couple, Clara, played by Penelope Cruz, (a deeply dissatisfied expatriate Spaniard) and Felice (an abusive businessman cheating on Clara with his ...

  6. 23 nov 2023 · A Biel c'è il nuovo cinema italiano" al Filmpodium il Circolino organizza tre discussioni sui film in programma: - Domenica 5 novembre alle 20h30 sul film "Notte fantasma" - Giovedì 23 novembre alle 20h30 sul film "L'immensità"

  7. 16 nov 2023 · Rome dans les années 1970. Dans la vague des changements sociaux et culturels, Clara et Felice Borghetti ne s’aiment plus mais sont incapables de se…