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  1. 4 giorni fa · Venerdì 31 maggio è prevista l’esibizione dei 10 solisti (CAIO PUTO, ARYAN, THIAGO, ENTROPIA, En.V, NICOTINA, NICS, OASI, GIADA, ELISA), mentre sabato 1° giugno si sfideranno le band (SLOW RUSH, LIMINAL, REVERSE, SEBASTIAN, ILARIA DENS, ROGUE CHARLIE, NUBI SPARSE, MARNA, LES GIRLS & THE FIRE ROBOTS, DOPAMINA).

  2. 6 giorni fa · It’s a magical time. 5. Ask lots of questions. Research shows that asking questions accomplishes two main goals of dating: learning about each other and setting a good impression. If you’re looking for inspo, we have an article that dives into some of the best questions you can ask your date!

  3. 5 giorni fa · Let three women who worked as dancers at Les Girls Theater in San Diego expose you to the naked truth about what being a dancer at an adult entertainment venue is really all about.

  4. 3 giorni fa · This brief note highlights how UNICEF will advance inclusive and transformative digital technology to enhance girls’ learning and skills development for work and life. Advancing Girls' Education and Gender Equality through Digital Learning | UNICEF

  5. 3 giorni fa · Free Online Lesbian Movies. Image by lu_lettering at Pixabay. There are free, streaming, full-length, lesbian-themed movies online, that do not require registration. There are not an overwhelming number of them, but they do exist. There are movies made in the United States and various other countries and in various languages.

  6. 2 giorni fa · Don't miss the chance to see Girls Aloud live in 2024! Check out their official site for tour dates, tickets and socials.

  7. Tracing the threads of influence: George Hoyningen-Huene and Les Girls (1957) Dr Lucy Fife Donaldson . An account of George Hoyningen-Huene's contribution and collaborations with George Cukor, Gene Allen and Orry-Kelly. This essay is published in Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism, issue 10. Click here to read the accompanying essay statement.