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  1. 4 giu 2024 · Lillie (Japanese: リーリエ Lilie) is a character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. In Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, she serves as one of the player character 's friends and traveling companions during the course of the game.

  2. Lillie (Japanese: リーリエ, Hepburn: Rīrie) is a fictional character in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise, introduced in the 2016 video games Pokémon Sun and Moon, being a central character in the story, and has appeared in numerous Pokémon media.

  3. Lillie is a character first appearing in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. She is Professor Kukui's mysterious assistant. Lillie is a young girl with green eyes and platinum blond hair, with two braids at each side of her face. She wears a large white hat, with a blue ribbon around it.

  4. 12 lug 2018 · We’re introduced to Lillie in the first episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon when Ash arrives on Melemele Island in the Alola region (“Alola to New Adventure!”). Lillie comes from a wealthy family and lives on a large estate, and she attends the island’s Pokémon School.

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  5. 1 apr 2024 · Lillie is the only one of Ash's classmates whose game counterpart is not a Trial Captain. She is also the only one of them to not specialize in any type of Pokémon. Lillie is the first character to ever replace the narrator at the start of an episode.

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  6. Lillie is a girl who loves Pokémon but was unable to touch them after moving away to another mansion with her mother and brother after an accident with an ultra beast. Upon her return, she inexplicably was frightened of Pokémon and will either jump away or freeze like a statue though some feel that she is terrified of them.

  7. 25 ott 2019 · Everyone’s gearing up for the Alola Pokémon League by practicing their Z-Moves. Will Lillie and Snowy be able to perfect their Z-Move together?

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    relativo a: Lillie