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  1. Müetter. Hugues Danner. Pastore. Genere: Drammatico. Anno: 2005. Regia: Dominique Lienhard. Attori: Stanislas Merhar, Sophie Quinton, Aurélien Recoing, Agathe De Laboulaye, Andrée Meyer-Benjamin,...

    • Dominique Lienhard
    • Stanislas Merhar
  2. 6 giu 2019 · by Dominique Lienhard. synopsis. Stéphane is a thirty year old biochemist. One evening, he learns from his cousin Mathieu that their grandmother, Müetter, is ill. This journey at home where he spent his holidays, up to a teenager, doesn’t goe as planned.

    • France
    • Müetter
    • fiction
    • 2006
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  5. › film › muetter-oot508k5Cinematografo: Film

    Müetter. FRANCIA 2005. SCHEDA FILM. Regia: Dominique Lienhard. Attori: Stanislas Merhar - Stéphane, Sophie Quinton - Margueritte, Aurélien Recoing - Mathieu, Agathe De Laboulaye - Laure, Andrée Meyer-Benjamin - Müetter, Hugues Danner - Pastore. Sceneggiatura: Dominique Lienhard. Fotografia: Nicolas Loir. Musiche: Gilles Migliori.

  6. › film › muetterMüetter (2006)

    La pellicola Müetter è 93 minuto da 2006. Il cast principale è composto da Stanislas Merhar e Aurélien Recoing.

  7. 2006 Directed by Dominique Lienhard. Stephane is a young urbanite. Though he originally hails from a rural environment, he much prefers his current metropolitan surroundings to the thought of returning to his family home.