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  1. 6 mar 2023 · Margaret of Hohenzollern-Nuremberg (1367-1406) was a daughter of Burgrave Frederick V of Nuremberg and his wife, Elisabeth of Meissen. In 1383 in Kulmbach, she married Landgrave Herman II of Hesse, as his second wife. They had the following children: Anna (1385–1386) Henry (1387–1394) Elisabeth (1388–1394)

  2. 15 mar 2022 · Margaretha Margarete, Burggräfin von Nürnberg, Landgräfin von Hessen Hessen (Nürnberg) aka Hohenzollern, von Nürnberg, von Hessen (1360 - uncertain 1406)

  3. 1 giorno fa · Hohenzollern Castle near Hechingen was built in the mid-19th century by Frederick William IV of Prussia on the remains of the castle founded in the early 11th century Alpirsbach Abbey, founded by the Hohenzollerns in 1095 Zollern, from 1218 Hohenzollern, was a county of the Holy Roman Empire. Later its capital was Hechingen .

  4. 12 mar 2023 · Margarete von Hohenzollern was born 1363 to Friedrich V. von Nürnberg (1333-1398) and Elisabeth von Meißen (1329-1375) and died 1406 of unspecified causes. She married Hermann von Hessen (1341-1413) 1383 JL . William I of England (1027-1087), Henry II of England (1133-1189), Charlemagne...

  5. 19 ore fa · He envisioned a conservative, Prussian-dominated Germany. The Second Schleswig Waragainst Denmarkin 1864, the Austro-Prussian Warin 1866, and the Franco-Prussian Warin 1870–1871 sparked a growing pan-German ideal and contributed to the formation of a German State.

  6. 6 giorni fa · Margrethe II, in full Margrethe Alexandrine Thorhildur Ingrid, (born April 16, 1940, Copenhagen, Den.), queen of Denmark since the death of her father, King Frederick IX, on Jan. 14, 1972. Born a week after the Nazi invasion of Denmark, she spent the war years in Denmark and then attended school in Copenhagen.

  7. 19 mar 2023 · This document, commonly known as the Charter of the Nürnberg Tribunal (or Nuremberg Tribunal) formed an integral part of the Agreement for the establishment of an international military tribunal(q.v.), which was signed in London on 8 August 1945. Source: The Charter and Judgment of the Nürnberg Tribunal: History and Analysis ...