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  1. Robert II, Count of Artois (1250 – 11 July 1302 at the Battle of the Golden Spurs). On 8 February 1250, Robert I was killed while participating in the Seventh Crusade. On 16 January 1255, Matilda married her second husband Guy III, Count of Saint-Pol. He was a younger son of Hugh I, Count of Blois and Mary, Countess of Blois. They had:

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  4. Isabella was reintroduced to Mortimer in Paris by her cousin, Joan, Countess of Hainault, who appears to have approached Isabella suggesting a marital alliance between their two families, marrying Prince Edward to Joan's daughter, Philippa. Mortimer and Isabella may have begun a physical relationship from December 1325 onwards.

  5. Robert II (September 1250 – 11 July 1302) was the Count of Artois, the posthumous son and heir of Robert I and Matilda of Brabant. He was a nephew of Louis IX of France . He died at the Battle of the Golden Spurs .

  6. On 30 November 1424 in Moulins-Engelbert, Philip married the widow of his late paternal uncle, Philip II, Count of Nevers (1389–1415), Bonne of Artois (1396 – 17 September 1425). She was the daughter of Philip of Artois, Count of Eu (1358–1397) and his wife, Marie of Berry, suo jure Duchess of Auvergne (circa 1375–1434).

  7. Marie I, Countess of Boulogne 3. Maud of Boulogne, Duchess of Brabant 4. Henry II, Duke of Brabant 5. Matilda of Brabant, Countess of Artois 6. Blanche of Artois, Queen Regent of Navarre 7. Joan I of Navarre, Queen consort of France 8. Isabella of France, Queen consort of England 9. Edward III of England The descent from native princes of Wales