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  1. 17 ore fa · Pinkett Smith landed her big break on the sitcom A Different World in 1991. She went on to star in films such as Menace II Society (1993), The Nutty Professor (1996), Set It Off (1996), and Scream 2 (1997) before her prominent contributions to The Matrix Reloaded (2003), The Matrix Revolutions (2003), and the animated Madagascar films.

  2. 27 nov 2023 · Videos Bilder Quizze TV & Film "Matrix"-"Orakel": Das wurde aus Gloria Foster (© IMAGO / Allstar) So war die Schauspielerin unter anderem in der "Bill Cosby Show" oder "Law & Order" zu sehen. Als...

  3. 28 nov 2023 · Ronella van der Burgt Techredacteur Bijgewerkt: 28-11-23 Klik hier voor een samenvatting van het artikel Welke film moet je echt gezien hebben? Wij hebben een lijstje samengesteld met de beste films aller tijden. Heb jij deze films al gezien? Wij geven een korte samenvatting van de films en leggen uit waar je de films kunt kijken.

  4. 28 nov 2023 · One of cinema’s many abilities is to show us things that may come to fruition. At least, if we’re not careful. Sometimes this comes in the form of a horror movie that comments on tech, e.g. the 2019 remake of Child’s Play.

  5. 28 nov 2023 · Discomfort and unease take center stage in Screwdriver, the new psychological thriller from first-time feature-film director and writer Cairo Smith The movie stars AnnaClare Hicks as Emily, a divorcee from Nebraska who leaves midwestern life behind to stay with her accommodating childhood friend Robert (Charlie Farrell) and his oddly high-strung...

  6. 28 nov 2023 · The story of My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade: “When it was done, I knew that we’d created a monster”,As reluctant emo standard-bearers, in 2006 My Chemical Romance set out to make an album for the ages. Amid controversy, great suffering and obsession,…

  7. 28 nov 2023 · This present research work examines the mechanical characteristics of aluminium deposition on carbon steel by friction surfacing and further simulates by using a variety of transmutational optimization techniques. To simulate the outcomes of aluminium deposition like coating thickness and coating width, three optimization techniques were used namely response surface methodology, artificial ...

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