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  1. A clear glimpse at Buddhist life not available elsewhere. A revered Buddhist teacher & his travels. His Holiness, The Dali Lama at work. A country largely unsoiled by modern technology. These things and much more will be revealed to you.

    • (28)
    • Documentary
    • Tony Miller
    • 1994-08
  2. “Petra – Lost city of stone. Petra – perduta città di pietra” di Gary Glassman, prodotto da Providence Pictures nel 2015, descrive la città perduta di Petra al confine di tre grandi deserti e ricca di monumenti tra i più spettacolari e più misteriosi del mondo antico, città che rappresenta un formidabile enigma.

  3. Mustang: The Hidden Kingdom 1994 Directed by Tony Miller Documentary following the journey of the Dalai Lama's personal envoy to the remote feudal kingdom of Mustang. Cast Crew Details Harrison Ford Ian Holm Saeed Jaffrey DirectorDirector Tony Miller ProducerProducer Vanessa Schuurbeque Boeye WritersWriters Barry Paine Clara Miller EditorEditor

  4. A revered Buddhist teacher & his travels. His Holiness, The Dali Lama at work.

  5. One of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's most senior monks, Khamtruel Rinpoche (a 4th reincarnate Lama), embarks on a three-month journey to the mysterious kingdom of Mustang, a remote Tibetan community virtually unchanged since the Middle Ages, to offer blessings and accept two young boys who will...

  6. MUSTANG: THE HIDDEN KINGDOM Contributor Names Tony Miller (director) Lyle Mays (composer) Created / Published USA. Notes - Information from: "Jazz on the Screen" by David Meeker. Used with permission. (Source) - Made-for-TV programme or made-for-video/DVD release. - Feature film (over 60 minutes).

  7. Film details. Featuring. Harrison Ford Saeed Jaffrey Ian Holm. Director. Tony Miller. Countries. United Kingdom USA. Year. 1994. Type. Film