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  1. 28 gen 2023 · Así se preparó Emma Mackey para ser Emily Bronte en la biopic. 28 ene. 2023 a las 21:00. Nath Rodríguez. - Redactora y coordinadora de base de datos. Comunicóloga. Fanática de Studio Ghibli, los k-dramas y las producciones protagonizadas por Jim Carrey. La actriz Emma Mackey comparte a detalle como fue dar vida a la autora de 'Cumbres ...

  2. 29 gen 2023 · Where misinformation stops and you are force fed the truth

  3. 25 gen 2023 · His slate looks busy but not irrevocably so, giving him time to polish off his to-do list before moving onto a big franchise role, and he’s easy to picture as 007. He turns 40 in 2021, though, and the studio may prefer someone younger. Image credit: High Rise, StudioCanal 832 1145 7. Richard Madden Watch Bodyguard on Netflix

  4. 25 gen 2023 · 07/08/22 - 9:30min ‘É terapêutico interpretar gente cheia de falhas’, diz Jackson-Cohen. Ei, agentes de elenco, escutem uma coisa: Oliver Jackson-Cohen está interessado em papéis mais leves.

  5. 28 gen 2023 · Oliver Jackson-Cohen - Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Fan Casting on myCast Fan Casting Oliver Jackson-Cohen - Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Oliver Jackson-Cohen - Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Story added by serdas_trevas666 on January 28, 2023 Oliver Jackson-Cohen - Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) #dc Join the Conversation 0 comments on this story

  6. 29 gen 2023 · Official Banner for Frances O'Connor's 'Emily', Featuring Emma Mackey and Oliver Jackson-Cohen - Magarila FEBRUARY 24 COCAINE BEAR After a 500-pound wild bear consumes a lot of cocaine and leaves on a medication powered frenzy, a flighty social occasion of police, hoodlums, vacationers, and youngsters gather in a Georgia backwoods.

  7. 27 gen 2023 · And this year is no exception. From dazzling takes on modern best-sellers like Will Trent and The Nightingale to daring reimaginings of familiar classics like Salem’s Lot and Withering Heights, we unveil twelve book-to-screen adaptations that are set to make a splash in 2023.