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  1. La frusta nera (Outlaw Country) è un film del 1949 diretto da Ray Taylor. È un western statunitense con Lash La Rue, Al St. John e Dan White

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  2. Outlaw Country is a 1949 American Western film directed by Ray Taylor and starring Lash LaRue and Al "Fuzzy" St. John in a dual role as a U.S. Marshal and his outlaw brother known as the "Frontier Phantom". The film, shot at the Iverson Movie Ranch led to a 1952 sequel The Frontier Phantom.

  3. 24 ago 2012 · Outlaw Country: Directed by Adam Arkin, Michael Dinner. With Mary Steenburgen, Luke Grimes, Haley Bennett, John Hawkes. A crime thriller and family drama set against the backdrop of southern organized crime and Nashville royalty, where music, love, hope, and tragedy collide.

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    • Crime, Drama
    • Adam Arkin, Michael Dinner
    • 2012-08-24
  4. Outlaw Country is a 2012 American television film directed by Adam Arkin and Michael Dinner and starring Mary Steenburgen and John Hawkes. It was intended to be a television pilot but the series was not picked up.

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  5. Outlaw country is a subgenre of American country music created by a small group of iconoclastic artists active in the 1970s and early 1980s, known collectively as the outlaw movement, who fought for and won their creative freedom outside of the Nashville establishment that dictated the sound of most country music of the era.

    • Armadillo country, redneck rock
  6. Outlaw Country: Directed by Ray Taylor. With Lash La Rue, Al St. John, Dan White, John Merton. The Marshal sends Lash and Fuzzy south of the border where McCord runs a smuggling operation. His chief henchman, known as the Frontier Phantom, is Lash's brother and it's not long before the two brothers meet.

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    relativo a: Outlaw Country film