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    A peninsula is a landform that extends from a mainland and is surrounded by water on most, but not all of its borders. A peninsula is also sometimes defined as a piece of land bordered by water on three of its sides. Peninsulas exist on all continents. The size of a peninsula can range from tiny to very large. The largest peninsula in the world is the Arabian Peninsula. Peninsulas form due to a variety of causes.

  2. Peninsula (Train To Busan 2) - Un film di Sang-ho Yeon. Sequel ambizioso che torna in una Corea infestata di zombi dopo il successo di Train to Busan. Con Gang Dong-Won, Jung-hyun Lee. Thriller, Corea del sud, 2020.

    • (76)
    • Gang Dong-Won, Jung-Hyun Lee
    • Sang-Ho Yeon
    • 2020
  3. 5/F, The Peninsula Hong Kong Salisbury Road, Kowloon Hong Kong, SAR +852 2926 2888; Worldwide toll free numbers;

  4. 20/07/2020 · Peninsula è un film di genere horror, thriller, azione del 2020, diretto da Yeon Sang-ho, con Dong-Won Gang e Lee Jung-hyun. Durata 116 minuti. Distribuito da Tucker Film.

    • (6)
    • Yeon Sang-Ho
  5. pen· in· su· la pə-ˈnin (t)-s (ə-)lə -shə-lə. : a portion of land nearly surrounded by water and connected with a larger body by an isthmus. also : a piece of land jutting out into the water whether with or without a well-defined isthmus. the Italian peninsula. peninsular. pə-ˈnin (t)-s (ə-)lər. -shə-lər.

  6. Peninsula ( Korean : 반도; Hanja : 半島; RR : Bando; marketed internationally as Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula) is a 2020 South Korean action horror heist film co-written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho. [4] [5] It is a standalone sequel to the 2016 film Train to Busan and follows a former soldier who is sent along with a team to retrieve a truck ...