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  1. 26 gen 2023 · Peter Mandelson, who famously denies mistaking mushy peas for guacamole in a Hartlepool fish and chip shop, demanded "something nicer than sandwiches" and got his wish when a buffet was laid on.

  2. 14 ore fa · Mandy land: New Labour architect Peter Mandelson will speak twice on the “Business Plus” agenda — with Shadow Business Minister Seema Malhotra on “the future of growth” (10.40 a.m.) and with Shadow DCMS Secretary Lucy Powell on “digital infrastructure” (2.30 p.m.).

  3. 27 gen 2023 · Recorded earlier this month at our Politics of Food conference in Washington DC, GC Chairman Peter Mandelson speaks to Dr. Jewel Bronaugh, Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Agriculture. They discuss the state of American food production, Bronaugh's policy priorities in her role, and the impact that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has had on global food supplies.

  4. 27 gen 2023 · When Kwasi Kwarteng wanted to reduce the top rate of tax to the threshold at which it had remained throughout the Blair years (40 percent), Tory backbenchers were shocked. Yet Blair’s senior henchman, Peter (now Lord) Mandelson once mooted that he had no problem at all with people becoming “filthy rich”.

  5. 27 gen 2023 · Ms Mandelson performed a substantial amount of work for entities other than Invidia, particularly Sarric; and Ms Mandelson considered her relationship with Invidia to be a “consultancy”. Therefore, the conduct of the parties estopped the applicant from establishing an employment relationship, especially in circumstances where the draft employment agreement had not been signed by both parties.

  6. 27 gen 2023 · National Archives asks former presidents to double check for unauthorised records,Classified documents controversy now envelops two presidents and one vice president

  7. 27 gen 2023 · Cabinet awaydays look like a good suggestion on the time, however nearly invariably finish badly.From Blair to Sunak, Brown to BoJo, they have been held