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  1. SCHEDA FILM Regia: John Maclean Attori: Liam Cunningham - Liam, Michael Fassbender - Michael, Alex MacQueen Sceneggiatura: John Maclean Fotografia: Robbie Ryan Montaggio: John Maclean Scenografia: Sarah Finlay Durata: 13 Colore: B/N Genere: DRAMMATICO CORTOMETRAGGIO Produzione: GERARDINE O'FLYNN NOTE

  2. 27 nov 2017 · 'Pitch Black Heist', directed by John Maclean, is a typical heist-genre short film, but with an important twist. Professional thieves Liam (Liam Cunningham) and Michael (Michael Fassbender) meet for a routine heist-job, cracking a safe and stealing it's contents.

  3. 2012 BAFTA award winning short film Pitch Black HeistDirected by John Maclean Writer: John MacleanCast:Liam CunninghamMichael FassbenderAlex MacqueenProduc...

    • 14 min
    • 93K
    • Arturo M. Antolin
  4. 19 giu 2018 · 'Pitch Black Heist' This short film was directed by John Maclean in the year 2012 which focuses upon the fragmented and tense relationship between father and son - although this is only revealed at the conclusive part of the movie, when the son, as played by Michael Fassbender, frames his father Liam, as played by Liam Cunningham, as ...

  5. 22 gen 2018 · Pitch Black Heist is a short film written and directed by John Maclean and is the story of two thieves working together in order to carry out a heist in total darkness. This is of course a significant challenge for the both of them and forces them to employ their trust in one another.

  6. Pitch Black Heist: Directed by John Maclean. With Michael Fassbender, Liam Cunningham, Alex Macqueen. Liam (Liam Cunningham) and Michael (Michael Fassbender) are professional safe crackers who meet on a simple job to relieve an office safe from its contents. The catch is a light activated alarm system impelling the men to embark on a pitch ...