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  1. 20 mag 2024 · This is a list of NASA aircraft. Throughout its history NASA has used several different types of aircraft on a permanent, semi-permanent, or short-term basis. These aircraft are usually surplus, but in a few cases are newly built, military aircraft.

  2. 20 mag 2024 · Type Origin Class Role Introduced In service Total Notes Multirole/Fighter aircraft Mikoyan MiG-29 Soviet Union/ Russia Jet: Fighter: 1982: 253: 253: 70 MiG-29/MiG-29UB, 15 MiG-29SMT and 2 MiG-29UBT in service as of 2022.

  3. 18 mag 2024 · The list of aircraft of World War II includes all the aircraft used by those countries which were at war during World War from the period between their joining the conflict and the conflict ending for them. Aircraft developed but not used operationally in the war are in the prototypes section at the end. Prototypes for aircraft that entered ...

  4. 26 apr 2024 · Let's take a closer look at the giants of aviation. Photo: Simple Flying. Summary. Airbus A380: Largest capacity aircraft, mainly operated with 400-550 seats, facing struggles for most airlines. Boeing 747-8: Longer than A380, max capacity 605 passengers, a history of being the largest passenger aircraft since 1968.

  5. 10 mag 2024 · Also known as the E-4B “Nightwatch,” the Doomsday planes are designed to be command-and-control centers for the US military in the event of a national emergency that sees command facilities on ...

  6. 6 mag 2024 · Fighter aircraft, aircraft designed primarily to secure control of essential airspace by destroying enemy aircraft in combat. The opposition may consist of fighters of equal capability or of bombers carrying protective armament. For such purposes fighters must be capable of the highest possible.

  7. 28 apr 2024 · Summary. Boeing 747 has the highest number of fatalities with nearly 3,000 recorded deaths. Boeing 737 MAX 8 has high accident rates but is expected to improve with recent fixes and recertification. Airbus models such as A340 and Embraer ERJ series are among the safest airliners with low fatality and hull loss rates.

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