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  1. Prince Hermann Friedrich Fernando Roland of Leiningen ( German: Hermann Friedrich Fernando Roland Prinz zu Leiningen; born April 16, 1963) [1] is a Canadian banker and the younger son of Prince Karl of Leiningen and Princess Marie Louise of Bulgaria.

  2. Prince Karl Emich of Leiningen ( German: Karl Emich Nikolaus Friedrich Hermann Prinz zu Leiningen; Russian: Карл Эмих Николаус Фридрих Герман цу Лейнинген; born 12 June 1952), also known by his Orthodox Russian name Nikolai Kirillovich Romanov (Николай Кириллович Романов ...

  3. 27 feb 2015 · Princess Marie Louise of Bulgaria met Hermann’s father, Prince Karl of Leiningen, on the royal exiles circuit. Karl was captured by the Canadians during the war and had a romantic notion of...

  4. 8 ago 2011 · As it turns out, Hermann is properly His Serene Highness, Prince Hermann Friedrich Fernando Roland zu Leiningen (and at the time of this writing, 131st in line for the British throne).

  5. The House of Leiningen is the name of an old German noble family whose lands lay principally in Alsace, Lorraine, Saarland, Rhineland, and the Palatinate. Various branches of this family developed over the centuries and ruled counties with Imperial immediacy .

  6. 12 mag 2010 · Hermann Leiningen, a prince, is the grandson to King Boris III of Bulgaria (portrait at right) and is officially 126th in line to the British throne.

  7. 2 lug 2017 · There was a royal wedding in the House of Leiningen on Saturday July 1, as Prince Hermann wed his sweetheart Isabelle Heubach in Großgmain, Austria. Prince Hermann, the younger son of Andreas, Prince zu Leiningen and Princess Alexandra of Hanover, and Ms Heubach were married at the town’s Marienkirche.