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  1. 14 feb 2019 · Prince Philip travelled in the Royal Yacht Britannia in 1956 to Australia, Antarctica and beyond for several months without Queen Elizabeth. The Duke of Edinburgh called the lengthy trip a ...

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    • Did Prince Philip Embark on A five-month Royal Tour Without The Queen?
    • Who Was The Woman in Philip’s Photograph?
    • Did Philip Really Have Multiple Affairs?
    • Did Philip Force Michael Parker to Resign Over His Divorce?
    • Was Philip’s Thursday Club A Real Thing?

    Yes, Philip did embark on a solo royal tour (described in the show as a “five-month stag do,” the British equivalent of a bachelor party) of commonwealth countries including New Guinea, Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) and the Malay Peninsula in 1956, nine years after he married the Queen. It was a trying time for the pair’s relationship, particular...

    Early on in the season, the Queen finds a photograph of an anonymous woman tucked away in Prince Philip’s luggage, shortly before he leaves for his five-month tour. In response, the shocked and disappointed Queen leaves him a one-line note, reminding him that he has a family. The woman in the photo really existed: her name was Galina Ulanova and sh...

    The show suggests that Philip continued to be unfaithful during the royal tour, with encouragement from his fellow travelers. Most of this egging-on comes from his right-hand man, lieutenant commander Michael Parker, whose wife files for divorce from him once she gains evidence of his adulterous nature. (This bit is true: according to Tim Heald’s T...

    In The Crown, shortly after news breaks of Eileen Parker suing her husband for divorce, Prince Philip turns to his close friend and tells him: “I hope you’re not going to make this next step difficult for me,” effectively forcing Parker to resign. “You’ll have my resignation first thing,” Parker replies, to which Philip responds, “I’ll need it now....

    In the show, letters written by Parker during the royal tour, bragging of the group’s explicit exploits, are seen being read aloud to the customers at the Thursday Club — a seedy gentlemen’s club in Soho, central London, frequented by Philip, Parker and other members of the royal entourage. But depending on who you believe, the Thursday Club may no...

  2. In April 2014, it was reported that an old British Pathé newsreel film had been discovered of Philip's 1962 two-month flying tour of South America. Filmed sitting alongside Philip at the aircraft's controls was his co-pilot Captain Peter Middleton, the grandfather of Philip's granddaughter-in-law Catherine.

  3. 20 gen 2018 · Prince Philip's epic World Tour of 1956/57 aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia is recreated for Season Two of The Crown.

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  4. 9 apr 2021 · Getty Images The Queen and the duke arriving at Cowes on the Isle of Wight on the last day of the regional Diamond Jubilee tour Prince Philip's career in the Royal Navy, which saw him rise to...

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  5. 9 apr 2021 · 1954 Prince Philip made a solo, 20-day visit to various Canadian cities including Ottawa and Vancouver in 1954. Story continues below advertisement This royal tour was designed to show off...