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  1. 3 giorni fa · Quantum of Solace: 64% (299 reviews) 58 (48 reviews) B−: Skyfall: 92% (384 reviews) 81 (49 reviews) A: Spectre: 63% (367 reviews) 60 (48 reviews) A– No Time to Die: 83% (406 reviews) 68 (66 reviews) A– Non-Eon films Casino Royale (1967) 25% (40 reviews) 48 (11 reviews) Never Say Never Again: 70% (53 reviews)

  2. 3 giorni fa · Quantum of Solace: Land Rover 110 Station Wagon: Colonel Carlos, the Chief of Police in Bolivia: Used by Colonel Carlos until he is shot by Bond through the windscreen of the car.

  3. 5 dic 2023 · I’m saying it…Quantum of Solace is the best Craig film I love Casino Royal, a character study of the agent we all love. But Quantum is more of the Bond film. More action, more spy stuff, and also a continuation of the character arc.

  4. 7 dic 2023 · Quantum of Solace Director Marc Forster Cast judi dench , Olga Kurylenko , Daniel Craig , Jeffrey Wright , Giancarlo Giannini , Gemma Arterton , Mathieu Amalric Rating PG-13 Runtime

  5. 6 dic 2023 · Chiara Squaglia segue da tempo le peripezie della strada della Forra, a Tremosine sul Garda, un bellissimo tratto panoramico su cui è sfrecciato perfino James Bond nel film "007 - Quantum of Solace". Dopo una lunga chiusura dovuta a una frana, si può finalmente provare il brivido di percorrere la strada, ora riaperta.

  6. 6 dic 2023 · He was Assistant Director on Quantum of Solace (2008), Production Manager on GoldenEye (1995), Unit Manager and Stunt Double for The Spy Who Loved Me (1976) and worked on dozens of other non-Bond films. Weber Verlag, 15 November, 2023 Authors: Roland Schäfli and Stefan Zürcher 240 pages Price: CHF 59 | EUR 59 English Weber Verlag. ISBN 978-3 ...

  7. 5 dic 2023 · In the case of this locomotive moment, it recalls the Chilean setting of Quantum of Solace with the opening train set piece of Skyfall’s Istanbul cold open.

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