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  1. 23 nov 2023 · Let’s start general – 10 easy sports trivia questions and answers from all over the world. #1 – How long is a marathon? Answer: 42.195 kilometres (26.2 miles) #2 – How many players are there on a baseball team? Answer: 9 players #3 – Which country won the World Cup 2018? Answer: France #4 – What sport is considered the “king of sports”?

  2. 13 nov 2023 · 100+ Sports Quiz Questions with Answers: Sporting Trivia Quiz — The Sporting Blog. The Best Sports Quiz! Over 70 sports quiz questions with answers. Sports Trivia quiz for all sports, with lots of questions and answers for your sports quiz needs. Check out our mega sports quiz!

  3. 2 dic 2023 · Sports Rules Trivia Quiz. This test will quiz you on the rules of various sports. I have identified the sport as to which the question corresponds to after each question. A multiple-choice quiz by Tigers8875 . Estimated time: 5 mins.

  4. 22 nov 2023 · The Wide World Of Sports Trivia Quiz. This is a quiz about numerous sports around the world - I have adopted it from one originally composed by morrow. This is a renovated/adopted version of an old quiz by author morrow. A multiple-choice quiz by Dizart . Estimated time: 2 mins.

  5. 26 nov 2023 · 120 Questions to Ask Student-Athletes. By Robby Salveron. Updated on November 26, 2023. Navigating the world of collegiate sports while managing a rigorous academic schedule is no small feat. Student-athletes are unique, juggling early morning practices with late-night study sessions and everything in between.

  6. 23 nov 2023 · Take the 40 challenging Olympics Quiz to test your sports knowledge of the Olympics. From historical moments to unforgettable athletes, this Olympics Quiz covers everything you need to know about one of the World’s Biggest Sports Events, including both the Winter and Summer Olympics games.

  7. 5 dic 2023 · Sport/ Not a Sport Trivia Quiz. This quiz aims to have some fun with obscure sports, not solve a debate. Everything considered a real sport here meets the Oxford Dictionaries definition and has some organization connected to it. Don't take it too seriously!