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  1. Sir Raphael West Cilento (2 December 1893 – 15 April 1985), often known as "Ray", [1] was an Australian medical practitioner and public health administrator .

  2. In 1937, Raphael Cilento, now a Knight Bachelor and the Director-General of Health and Medical Services for the State of Queensland, wrote a short review of Archibald Joseph Cronin’s novel The Citadel, which told the story of a young doctor starting his life as a practitioner in a Welsh mining town.² In his review, Cilento noted that Cronin ...

  3. Sir Raphael West (Ray) Cilento (1893-1985), medical practitioner and public servant, was born on 2 December 1893 at Jamestown, South Australia, second of five children of South Australian-born parents Raphael Ambrose Cilento, stationmaster, and his wife Frances Ellen Elizabeth, née West.

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  4. 3 mag 2013 · At the end of his working life as a medical bureaucrat, Raphael Cilento twice tried his hand at Australian federal politics. After an initial joust at a Senate seat, he was encouraged by the fledgling Australian Democratic Union to try the House of Representatives. His choice of electorate was heroic.

  5. 26 feb 2018 · Sir Raphael Cilento graduated in medicine at the University of Adelaide and then specialized in tropical medicine. He was Director-General of Health and Medical Services in Queensland 1934-1945 and Professor of Social and Tropical Medicine at the University of Queensland.

  6. 1 gen 2010 · During the interwar period the race-based leprosy theories of doctors Cecil Cook and Sir Raphael Cilento directly informed leprosy management strategies in Queensland, the Northern Territory...

  7. In his day, Raphael Cilento was one of the most prominent and controversial figures in Australian medicine. As a senior medical officer in the Commonwealth and Queensland governments, he was an active participant in public health reform during the inter-war years and is best known for his vocal engagement with public discourse on the ...