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  1. 7 ore fa · Ratched Spin aka Trap Fusion. Get ready to sweat it out at Beast Factory Health and Wellness in Atlanta! Join us for a high-energy workout session that combines the best of Ratched Spin and Trap Fusion music. Let the beats move you as you pedal your way to fitness. Don't miss this epic event - come ready to spin, dance, and vibe with us!

  2. 7 ore fa · به گزارش پایگاه خبری تحلیلی رادار اقتصاد به تازگی تصویری از شارون استون بازیگر هالیوود در شبکه‌های اجتماعی دست به دست می‌شود که حکایت از گذر عمر و پیری این بازیگر دارد.

  3. 7 ore fa · The waterblades your character wields gave me God of War vibes for a moment, but in practice, the Tempest is a bit more like a trickster, zipping around the map and making it hard for enemies to get a bead on you. Using the power of wind and water, combined with your Zephyr’s, you’ll find that the initial Wave Edge and Mist-Touch combo will ...

  4. 1 giorno fa · I know I’m the target audience, but progression has been ratched up so much that in the span of about an hour I had hit level 20 while everything around me melted. I realize that Blizzard wants to get you to endgame faster when rolling a 2nd or 3rd character instead of using the Class Swap option introduced a year after launch, but it doesn’t really give you a chance to learn by failing.

  5. 7 ore fa · Ratchet turned towards Megatron. “Drift is suffering from spark strain. While you may have been able to merge with him in the past in order to alleviate the symptoms, that was when he had a perfectly healthy spark. Now that both of you are suffering with abnormal spark stress, merging could be disastrous for both of you,” Ratched stated ...

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