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    Jared, Travis e Billy-Ray decidono di andare da una donna matura che li ha invitati, attraverso un sito internet, per fare sesso di gruppo. I tre ragazzi arrivano alla roulotte della donna che li fa entrare e offre loro da bere, i giovani sono stati drogati e svengono.

  2. RedState – Conservative News & Politics. Advertisement. Columns. USA Today Covertly Deletes Senator's Op-Ed Arguing Against Biological Males in Women's Sports. Jeff Charles. 'Civil War': I Saw It, So You Don't Have To. Jim Thompson. The Attempt to Inject Woke Culture Into Hockey Leads to Canadian Juniors Player Suspension for an Insult. Brad Slager

  3. Starting with the 2000 United States presidential election, the terms "red state" and "blue state" have referred to U.S. states whose voters vote predominantly for one party — the Republican Party in red states and the Democratic Party in blue states — in presidential and other statewide elections.

  4. › wiki › RedStateRedState - Wikipedia

    RedState is an American conservative political blog. Prior to 2017, it organized "RedState gatherings", a summer convention for conservative activists and grassroots political activism which featured many prominent public figures in conservative politics. [1] . RedState is owned by the Salem Media Group, a conservative media company. [2] History.

  5. Un gruppo di giovani incontra un predicatore folle che un nuovo significato al termine "fondamentalismo radicale". Al Box Office Usa Red State ha incassato 873 mila dollari . Trevis (Michael Angarano), Jarod (Kyle Gallner) e Billy-Ray (Nicholas Braun) condividono tutto.

  6. About RedState. Founded in 2004 as a community blog, RedState has grown into one of the nation’s leading conservative news and opinion outlets. Unlike most traditional news sites, RedState’s writers don’t live in the Acela corridor, and many have had successful careers in fields other than news or politics.

  7. 17 ago 2021 · For more than a decade, GOP governors and Republican-controlled legislatures in states from Florida and Georgia to Texas and Arizona, reflecting the priorities and preferences of their primarily...