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  1. Riddle of the Desert Mummies: Directed by Stephan Eder. With Jack Huang, John Malkovich.

    • (14)
    • Documentary
    • Stephan Eder
    • Jack Huang, John Malkovich
  2. Documentary that examines human mummies with Caucasian features that have been exhumed from the desert sands of Western China. The program follows the DNA trail from the Gobi Desert to labs in Sardinia, Italy, where DNA analysis, carbon dating and scanning electron microscopy begin to unravel...

    • Steve Eder
    • Paolo Francalacci
  3. Riddle of the Desert Mummies. An amazing investigation into the identity of human mummies exhumed from desert sands of China´s Xinjian region. Some are as old as 4000 years , but all Caucasoid. The Discovery Channel explores the mystery of the ancient mummies of the Xinjang region of China.

  4. Riddle of the Desert Mummies 1999 Documentary Cast Jack Huang (Ancient Chinese) John Malkovich (Narrator) Director Stephan Eder Recommendations This Is My Father The Lady with the Torch My...

  5. All about Movie: directors and actors, reviews and ratings, trailers, stills, backstage. Jack Huang, John Malkovich...Documentary. United States.

  6. 10 feb 2006 · Some of the mummies were approximately 4,000 years old. The work may frustrate some as it never fully answers why the people were there and how they got there. I liked this work better than a more recent doc that asks if Amazonian women still exist and looks at the DNA of one blonde, Mongolian girl.

  7. Find trailers, reviews, synopsis, awards and cast information for The Riddle of the Desert Mummies (1999) - Stephen Eder, Steve Burns on AllMovie - The Discovery Channel explores the mystery of the…