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    1 giorno fa · Fast Five (also known as Fast & Furious 5 or Fast & Furious 5: Rio Heist) is a 2011 action film directed by Justin Lin and written by Chris Morgan. It is the sequel to Fast & Furious (2009) and the fifth installment in the Fast & Furious franchise.

    • $125 million
    • 15 "Cause There Is A Dead Man on The Other End of This F***Ing line."
    • 14 "You Do Not Get to Watch My F***Ing Television!"
    • 13 "I'm alone; I Am Not lonely."
    • 12 "Gimme All You Got!"
    • 11 "I Had to Get It on."
    • 10 "What'd Ya Say I Buy You A Cup of Coffee?"
    • 9 "What The F*** Is That? Barbecues and Ballgames?"
    • 8 "We Just Got made."
    • 6 "Brother, You Are Going down."
    • 5 "Well Ya Know, For Me, The Action Is The juice."

    Neil McCauley

    One of the subplots in Heat revolves around Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) and his crew getting double-crossed in a deal with a money launderer named Van Zant (William Fichtner). Unfortunately for Van Zant, he doesn't know just how dangerous these men are. After the deal goes wrong, McCauley calls Van Zant, who is surprised to hear him alive but tries to play it cool. He asks McCauley what he's doing and McCauley replies, "I'm talking to an empty telephone… Cause there is a dead man on the ot...

    Vincent Hanna

    Heatis a very serious film with most of its characters living empty and unhappy lives. However, there are moments of fun humor throughout the story, most of them coming from Pacino as the unhinged yet professional detective Vincent Hanna. While Vincent is focused on taking down this latest gang of robbers, his marriage begins falling apart. This leads to an uncomfortable confrontation when he comes home to find his wife with another man. Vincent confronts the confused man as he sits on the co...

    Neil McCauley

    McCauley has an intriguing personality as it's shown early on how willing he is to kill in order to avoid getting caught, but the movie then explores him as a more complex character, particularly a burgeoning relationship with a young woman named Eady (Amy Brenneman). The relationship gives further insight into McCauley as he becomes slightly more vulnerable with her. When asked if he gets lonely in his solitary life, McCauley points out there is a difference between alone and lonely, which s...

    Vincent Hanna

    As Vincent, Pacino's performance ranges from calm and collected to wild and over-the-top, adding a compelling unpredictability. Though the wild aspects of the character are never distracting, it does spice up certain scenes. In one scene, Vincent is confronting one of his informants, who has been neglecting his duties. Pacino is completely unleashed in this scene, yelling his lines with frenetic energy. Once again, his co-stars in the scene seem utterly shocked by the outbursts, which makes t...


    Early in the film, Neil McCauley's crew of professional thieves is introduced. While the crew is highly professional and effective, one new member, Waingro (Kevin Gage), is a liability. During an armor car heist, Waingro loses his cool and executes a guard, leading to two more deaths. As the team meets afterward, Waingro clearly knows the others are not happy with him. He lies and says the guard was making a move and explains, "I had to get it on."It's a memorable line followed by a very memo...

    Vincent Hanna

    This simple line kicks off one of the most memorable movie scenes in history. After pursuing each other for much of the movie, Vincent tracks Neil down in his car. Both men have their guns at the ready, but then Vincent suggests they get a cup of coffee together. Seeing these two acting legends sharing a scene is thrilling enough, but they really bring the A-game to this moment. The men get candid about their lives, nightmares, and codes. According to Slash Film, Mann specifically didn't want...

    Neil McCauley

    The iconic diner scene in Heat is not just about seeing two powerhouse actors performing opposite another, it is a gripping moment as these two men on opposite sides of the law, who are heading towards a collision course with each other, realize that they are not so different. As McCauley and Hanna speak frankly about their lives, Hanna asks McCauley the obvious question: did he ever want a normal life? However, McCauley dismisses that as "barbecues and ball games"and it's clear Hanna feels t...

    Vincent Hanna

    The cat-and-mouse game between Neil and Vincent is one of the more thrilling aspects of the movie. Both these men and their respective teams are highly skilled at their jobs, which makes them formidable adversaries. In one scene, Vincent and his team track Neil and his crew to a location and overhear them discussing an upcoming job. Afterward, Vincent and the cops go over the area, trying to understand what the target is. Suddenly, Vincent realizes that they were the targets and Neil is now w...

    Vincent Hanna

    The diner scene between Vincent and Neil is played out with a surprising amount of civility. However, in the end, the two men have to acknowledge the inevitable ending to this path they are on. Vincent explains that while he might have respect for Neil, if it's between killing him to save some innocent lives, he has no choice, saying "Brother, you are going down."But Neil explains there is another side to that coin. If Vincent comes between Neil and his freedom, he won't hesitate to kill him,...

    Michael Cheritto

    When McCauley and his crew discover that they are under surveillance by Hanna and his team, the risks of their next score become a lot higher. The crew gathers together to discuss whether it is worth it to go through with their bank heist as planned. McCauley suggests to his friend Michael (Tom Sizemore) that he doesn't need the risk, and he has enough money to call it quits right now and Michael responds with this memorable Heat quote. While the movie isn't all about its action sequences, th...

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  4. 1 giorno fa · De Niro portrays Sam "Ace" Rothstein, a mob-connected casino operator in Las Vegas. The film's themes revolve around greed, betrayal, wealth, status, and murder that occur between two mobsters, Sam "Ace" Rothstein (De Niro) and Nicky Santoro (Pesci), and a trophy wife (Stone) over a gambling empire.

  5. Heat’ Review: A Film That is the Juice Heat, directed by Michael Mann, is one of the finest and most realistic Crime, Action, Drama, and Heist movies I’ve ever seen. Released in 1995, this movie tells the story of a heist crew that needs one last score to get out of the game.

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