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  1. 20 ore fa · During a conversation on Rob Lowe’s Literally podcast, Robert Downey Jr. revealed his feelings of jealousy towards Lowe during their time at Santa Monica High School in the 1980s. Downey expressed amazement at how Lowe managed to balance Hollywood stardom with academic commitments. He confessed, “I was jealous, but that’s not deep enough.

  2. 20 ore fa · Rob Lowe – RETURNING. Rob Lowe is returning for season five, reprising his starring role of Captain Owen Strand. In addition to starring, Rob is also an executive producer. Find out what he said about the future of crossovers with 9-1-1 after it moved to ABC…

  3. 1 giorno fa · Roos also produced and cast for 1983's The Outsiders, which sparked the careers of Tom Cruise and Rob Lowe.He was also responsible for casting Jack Nicholson in some of his earliest acting roles ...

  4. 17 ore fa · He got the screenplay back with several names scribbled on it: Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones. Roos helped assemble the young casts for “American Graffiti” and “The Outsiders,” introducing wide audiences to the likes of Cruise, Ford, Diane Lane, Richard Dreyfuss, Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon and Patrick Swayze.

  5. 19 ore fa · Fred Roos, the Oscar-winning 'Godfather Part II' producer who helped launch the careers of Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, has died at age 89 at his home in California.

  6. 1 giorno fa · Some of the acting careers that Roos helped kickstart include Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Laurence Fishburne, Frederic Forest, Diane Lane, Nicolas Cage, Rob Lowe, and many others.

  7. 1 giorno fa · Lowe wrote on Instagram: “Saddened to hear of the passing of Fred Roos. Every movie lover should know his name. “He was a casting genius and responsible for the careers of: Harrison Ford, Al Pacino, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Diane Keaton, Robert Duvall, Laurence Fishburne, Tom Cruise and the rest of The Outsiders cast (including me), and many others.