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  1. 31 gen 2023 · Robert Downey Jr is undoubtedly one of the most loved Hollywood superstars, and his Iron Man is a favourite superhero among Marvel fans. It was his film and his character that shouldered the MCU...

  2. 31 gen 2023 · Robert Downey Jr Last but not the least, our eyes roll over Robert Downey Jr! It seems like the actor has recently started believing in Buddhism. He openly talks about Buddhist culture. Sources say that he originally happens to be a Jew but currently, he is recognised as a “Jewish Buddhist”.

  3. 28 gen 2023 · In the film, Downey Jr. plays Kirk Lazarus, an Australian method actor who undergoes pigmentation alteration surgery to darken his skin to play a black character in a war movie. The decision to have Downey Jr. appear in blackface for the majority of the film has continued to spark debate and court controversy for 12 years and counting.

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  5. 30 gen 2023 · Dr. John Dolittle, İngiltere’nin en ünlü doktor ve veterineridir. Yıllar önce karısını kaybeden Dolittle, bunun akabinde kendisini malikanesinin duvarları arasına kapatır. Dış dünya ile bağlantısını kesen Dolittle, genç kraliçenin hastalandığını öğrenince kabuğundan dışarı çıkmaya karar verir.

  6. 29 gen 2023 · Marvel Reportedly Changes Plans, Going Back to Robert Downey Jr. – Inside the Magic. FilmySpark; January 29, ...

  7. Screen Station: Fun Facts#1 For His Performance in "Iron Man" (2008), Robert Downey Jr. recevied less than $500k, compared to Terrence Howard (original Rhodey), who received $3.5M. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment